Monthly Archives: June 2014

Queen Elsa makes her appearance!

Finally after almost 2 months, we caught a glimpse of our shy queen, Queen Elsa last night! Queen Elsa is noticeably skinnier than Beeyonce, and her abdomen appears more dark brown than golden brown.  As Elsa is in the weaker hive, we think she may not be mated as well…which would explain the non-distended belly. What do you think?                     Long live the Queens! E  


As the hives grow and things start happening,  I’m really glad we started off on the right foot and have been taking good notes.  Well…let me rephrase that, Rob is the note-taker while I dictate what I’m observing as I inspect each frame. This joint team effort is really paying off as you can see: Here, he’s recorded a frame-by-frame (“F1, F2” etc) description of brood pattern (whether it’s eggs, larvae, capped, or not), and how much pollen and nectar

Ask 10 beekeepers a question…

There’s a saying in the beekeeping world: Ask 10 beekeepers a question and you will get at least 11 different answers…let me add to that and say: Post a simple question in an online beekeeping forum and you will get as many different answers as responses, AND start an argument over global warming, overuse of plastics in our throw-away-society, and rainforest deforestation!  It’s amazing how a thread can be hijacked so quickly lol. In the end, I did get some