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Guest blog: 4th installment in “Bob the Bee” series. #4: Stanley

Day Four Note from Erika: for the previous guest posts by my super-creative niece, click 1. here, 2. here, and 3. here. Thanks Brooke! Dear Diary, Turns out he is the coolest Hawaiian bee but I’m still cool at…eating jalapeno pizza! Anyway, Stanley (the cat) thought I was one of those toy lights! Well today is my bros wedding and then he is going to go LIVE in Hawaii. He is just spoiled. Queen Elsa let me use her IPhone

#3: Always beeing crazy

Day three: Dear Diary, Car trip… No good though because I’m going to get a prosthetic stinger. It was 8,000 dollars, just for my fat little striped body? Wow. When I got home I nearly burnt myself with the mosquito coil! Now my fake stinger is burnt. Is that a toilet because all I know is that 8, ooo dollars are just going down the drain. So I stole robs phone and took a selfie and saved to home and

#2 of Bob takeover: That Pizza Smell

Day Two Dear Diary, so I tried to make a fake stinger to get Erika for all the shaking to prove enough is enough. But it completely failed and fell off. Anyway my bro came back with a lei and grass skirt all the way from Hawaii! So I’ve gotten used to mint and actually I just remember I have to go poop on robs tomatoes and pee on the rhubarb… HeHeHe. Come to think of it I haven’t had

A guest post by my niece Brooke: A story of a Bob of a Bee

BOB THE BEE A STORY OF A BOB Day One Dear Diary, you won’t believe what happened today, the queen (Elsa) pulled a prank and switched my honey flavored toothpaste to mint… UGH! I’m always going to be on my game watching her and Beeyonce. Last week Beeyonce made the honeycomb fall on me! While my BFF is having a great time in Hawaii and I just got my stinger chopped off by my wife, Rosa when she was making

Bottling time!

Just a quick update on the bottling. Last night I did up some small (8 oz) jars to share with family on our trip home: This is less than 1/3rd of our total honey harvest! More will be bottled up when we return.

Show me the Honey!

Exciting times at the apiary this Fourth of July weekend! Our first honey harvest! The nectar flow this year started late, but once it started, it was intense. We have the hives on a scale monitoring system (, and the graph of weight increase during the first weeks of May shows just how much nectar the bees were bringing in: We pulled 4 frames early as insurance, then less than a week ago we pulled an entire 8-frame super, giving 12 frames total. We