Beekeeping Suppliers

Bailey Bee Supply (Hillsborough, NC)

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

Not Bees

Eat the Weeds

Pollinator Paradise Garden-Pittsboro, NC

Pollen Chart ( ~ a good resource for identifying pollen sources by color and season

Web Resources


Bush Farms Beekeeping (Michael Bush)

The Fat Bee Man

Orange County Beekeepers Association

North Carolina State Beekeepers Association

Hive Tracks A web-based application for hive management and record keeping.

Bee Culture Magazine

Bee Views Education and Examples Albums and pictures of honey bee hives, great instructional help for hive management. See also: Bee Views Shutterfly

Bee Informed Partnership (

At the Hive Entrance  ~ A pdf translation from a german book (ca 1985) with great observational insights on the meaning of certain hive behaviors throughout the season.

Some of my favorite beekeeping blogs I’ve come across:

The Hive Life

Linda’s Bees

Bee Hacker

Honey Bee Suite

The Honey Gatherers ~Website of photographer Eric Tourneret with some amazing photos of bees.

Scientific Beekeeping ~”Beekeeping through the eyes of a biologist”. Has very good info for the first year with bees.

bee Nerdy

Voice of the Hive ~ A very interesting collection of stories told from the point of view of the bees.

Boobee Honey

I Save Bees ~ Great pictures and informative videos.

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