Spring Fever

This weekend we had a brief respite from winter, and the ladies took advantage of it!  I spent some time observing the comings and goings at the hive entrance.  Looked pretty busy, and a lot of pollen was being brought in. Some bright orange/yellow, as well as some pale almost cream colored pollen. I’m thinking some might be the beginning of the red maple pollen (see our previous post about the importance of the maples as an early spring pollen source), and maybe a variety of early spring “weeds” (I’ve noticed chickweed and dandelions already blooming!). Here’s an online guide for pollen colors by blooming season here. I took a short vine of the buzzing activity at the hive entrance.  I believe there are some orientation flights going on here as well which suggests that new foragers are emerging, possibly the seasons first crop of baby bees ready to take there first exploratory flights from the hive.  Hope you enjoy the video!

PS: The wire screen over the entrance is a mouse guard. It’s there to keep out the mice, which will often take advantage of a warm dry hive box during winter.

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