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Where there’s smoke, there’s…

…fire? No, just me practicing lighting my bee smoker for the first time! Smoke is used by the beekeeper to mask the bee’s alarm pheromones (which are chemicals releasedĀ and usedĀ for communication). When subjected to a disturbance (such as a newbie beekeeper trying to “invade” their hive), guard bees will release an alarm pheromone, which will basically rile up the entire hive into a defensive state.Ā  Puffing cool smoke into the hive entrance and under the cover a few minutes before

Home is where the hive is

I’ve spent several weekend afternoons in the last month or so prepping for the arrival of the ladies. I ordered 2 8-frame “garden hives” from Brushy Mountain Bee Farm, along with all the anticipated extras: medium hive bodies, frames, foundation, hive top feeders, screened bottom boards, bee brush, and an extra bee veil for Rob. Ā I already have a smokin’ hot smoker and my own bee veil thanks to a Christmas present from my sis! One of the first things