Why Bees?

Here’s where I get all philosophical and explain why we decided to try our hand at raising honeybees… actually, we were going to get backyard chickens until we found out how much work they are and that we’d have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn every day to let them out of their coop. Not for us!

Seriously, it comes down to several factors. I have always loved and respected nature and the outdoors, I enjoy gardening and otherwise puttering around the yard, and I like the feeling of accomplishment one gets when learning a new skill. However, probably most importantly, I’ve become more aware of the critical role played by pollinating insects such as honey bees, and their decline in recent years due to the mysterious “colony collapse disorder” or CCD. I realize my 2 measly hives aren’t going to solve this problem, but every little bit helps, and it will certainly help pollination of MY garden! You’ll notice that I haven’t even mentioned honey as a reason for getting bees.  Not that I’ll complain if we get some (but likely not any the first year), it’s just that the other reasons I listed are more important to us!

I’m sure I will make a ton of mistakes, but I’m looking at this as a fun learning experience to bee sure! (and oh ya, the scientist-nerdy side of me can’t wait too!)



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  • Terra cameron

    This is my very nerdy bestest friend and her new nerdy hobby;). Love u Kak! Still can’t believe WE r best friends. Lol.

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