They live!!!

First of all, sorry for the lack of posts!  A lot has happened in our little bee yard, and I promise to retroactively write all about it…but first, just wanted to tell how happy we are that we confirmed this weekend that the girls are alive and hopefully hanging in there even with all this cold weather.  For the last week, average temps have been well below freezing with one night dipping down to 9 F or -13C!

(insert mocking laughter of my Canadian family and friends here).

Saturday afternoon I went outside to the hives and gave a little knock on the side of the hive boxes and was rewarded with a resonant buzzing hum, which means the girls are ok!  I hope they are keeping Beeyonce and Elsa warm in the center of their bee cluster!  By the weekend daytime temperatures should be well into the 50’s. We’ll be watching to see if there is any flying going on (cleansing flights and pollen collection).

Happy New Year from the Bee’s Knees!


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