Swarm update 2: they’re gone! No wait…

The morning after our swarm retrieval attempt, there they were, still up on that #%!#* branch, mocking us. However, when Rob got home from work yesterday they were gone 😢

That makes it almost 48 hrs (at least) that they hung out on that branch before up and leaving. Seems like quite a long time to be in limbo, no?

At any rate, we wished them well and got on with our lives until…this afternoon I got a text from Rob with a picture of a swarm (the same one? A second one???) in the same tree, but even HIGHER! What!?!?

They stayed in the tree for several hours, and then literally as I was about to write this post, we look up, and they were gone. Poor Rob, had been obsessively watching them with the binoculars, and turned his back for a minute or two and missed the whole thing. Must be ninja bees.

So to summarize, we had a swarm in our tree for two days, we tried and failed to capture it, it left, then we had a second swarm appear in the same tree the next day and it left in a matter of hours.  All this, and we still are not convinced either swarm came from our hives!


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