#3: Always beeing crazy

Day three:

Dear Diary,

Car trip… No good though because I’m going to get a prosthetic stinger. It was 8,000 dollars, just for my fat little striped body? Wow. When I got home I nearly burnt myself with the mosquito coil! Now my fake stinger is burnt. Is that a toilet because all I know is that 8, ooo dollars are just going down the drain. So I stole robs phone and took a selfie and saved to home and lock screen. I’m so evil, now I see why they hate me. My plan for tonight is I’m going to sleep on robs side of the bed and fart. Well I know I’m not getting any celery tomato treats for a while. Oh wait it is time to update Erika’s Instagram to Farting like never before… Tell you more in a few days

~ Good-bye from Bobee
P.S. my bro wants to tell you he is the coolest Hawaiian Bee, but let’s see about that.


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